Department Of Education And Physical Exercise

Where to find us

in the historical Town Hall at Přemysl Otakar II. Square 1/1
3. floor

Department Structure

Head of Department

Mgr. Bc. Dagmar Koubová

tel: +420 386 801 501

e-mail: koubovad at c-budejovice dot cz

Department Secretariat

Lenka Baldíková

tel: +420 386 801 502

e-mail: baldikoval at c-budejovice dot cz

Economic Section

Ing. Adolf Lísal

tel.: +420 386 801 506

e-mail: lisala at c-budejovice dot cz

Organization Section

Mgr. Petr Divíšek

tel.: +420 386 801 504

e-mail: divisekp at c-budejovice dot cz

a)  Economics of school establishments undertaken by the statutory City

·  puts together ad controls the budget of common expenses, carries out analyses of the economy and inspection of adherence to the operational budget discipline of operational resources which are provided for trustees of educational establishments, which provides nursery schools, primary schools and school canteens.

b)  Economics of state management for all education provision (in the activity charged with the municipality III)

·  Redistributes reserves intended for the Regional Authority for individual educational establishments.