Building Office

Monday, January 01, 0001 / This also involves simplified area management, land approval and land planning information and obligation of the Building Office to assess the building in relationship to the effect on the environment. / More

Control Department

Monday, January 01, 0001 / The department carries out on the one hand inspection of the economy of the participating organisations for whom the founder is the city of České Budějovice. / More

Department for Development and Public Procurement

Monday, January 01, 0001 / Implements the strategic plan of the city and secondary development strategies; it coordinates implementation of individual projects from the strategic plan. / More

Department of Administration

Monday, January 01, 0001 / State administration by the consideration of offences against safety and fluency of traffic, offences against civic coexistence, property, public order. / More

Department of Culture and Tourism

Monday, January 01, 0001 / Department Activity is f.e. administration for providing grants and contributions to support cultural activities and art in the city. / More

Department Of Education And Physical Exercise

Monday, January 01, 0001 / Puts together ad controls the budget of common expenses, carries out analyses of the economy and inspection of adherence to the operational budget discipline of operational resources which are provided for trustees of educational establishments. / More

Department of Historical Monument Care

Monday, January 01, 0001 / Creating a general strategy for the preservation of historical monuments and the processing of documents and data for plans and programmes for the regeneration of cultural monuments. / More

Department of Inner Affairs

Monday, January 01, 0001 / The Department of Internal Affairs is an organisational unit in charge of the material and technical operation of the Municipal Authority. / More

Department of Local Planning

Monday, January 01, 0001 / Preparation, management, upkeep and archiving of land-use planning documentation and land-use planning groundwork details. / More

Department of Property

Monday, January 01, 0001 / Registr of immovable city property, land registry. / More

Department of Public Goods Administration

Monday, January 01, 0001 / Into scope of the department fall administration and maintenance of highways, city green vegetation and waste, city organizations and administration of city property. / More

Department of Technical and Computer Support

Monday, January 01, 0001 / The Department of Information and Communication Technologies is in charge of development and the smooth operation of the Municipal Authority in the field of IT and information systems and technologies.  / More

Department of Transportation and Highway Care

Monday, January 01, 0001 / Transport engineering of state administration, activity of road administrative office, register of motor vehicles. / More

Environmental Department

Monday, January 01, 0001 / Information about state environment, ecological education. / More

Financial Department

Monday, January 01, 0001 / The Finance Department secures loans from the Housing Development Fund in the urban area of České Budějovice, the assessing of financial resources, files fines of the Municipal Police not paid on the spot and subsequently recovers them. / More

Investment Department

Monday, January 01, 0001 / The Investment Department provides above all the realisation of renovations and new-builds, repairs are carried out from the resources of the individual departments or the organisations under management of the statutory city of České Budějovice. / More

Mayor's Office

Monday, January 01, 0001 / Ensuring of Lord Mayor and of Deputy Mayors protocol. / More

Municipal Trade Licence Office

Monday, January 01, 0001 / Keeping of trade registration within the competence of its administrative district, execution of inspection of trades and imposition of fines for breach of duties according the Trade Act. / More

Registry Office

Monday, January 01, 0001 / The registry office performs state administration in the section for birth, marriage and death registry, performs the paper work for public ID cards, passports and driving licences. / More

Social Affairs Department

Monday, January 01, 0001 / It carries this out in the department of family benefits, unemployment benefits, benefits for the elderly and the handicapped, social prevention and of social and legal protection of children. / More

The Secretary's Office

Monday, January 01, 0001 / Coordination of department activities, internal code, agenda of CzechPOINT. / More

Master Architect Department

Monday, January 01, 0001 / Creation and updating of long-range conception of territorial development, processing of city planning, architectural, traffic, technical and technological studies, cooperation with committees of the City Board. / More