Building Office

Where to find us

Building Office 
Kněžská 19
370 92 České Budějovice

Structure of the Department

Head of Department

Ing. Vlastislav Eliáš

tel.: +420 386 804 001

e-mail: eliasv at c-budejovice dot cz

2. floor, door no. 306
entrance through secretariat door no. 305

Secretariat of department

Jana Kalášková

tel.: +420 386 804 002

e-mail: kalaskovaj at c-budejovice dot cz

Olga Györi

tel.: +420 386 804 002

e-mail: gyorio at -budejovice dot cz


Department Activity

The area management section issues zoning and planning decisions on the location of a building or facility, on the change to the utilisation of land, change of a building and change of the effect of a building for the use of land, section or re-allotment of land and on protective belts.