Department for Development and Public Procurement

Where to find us

Department of Development and Public Procurement

Historical Town Hall

Přemysl Otakar II. Square 1/1

370 92 České Budějovice

Department structure

Head of department

Ing. Dagmar Baumruková

tel: +420 386 803 201


Grant section of the Czech Republic

Ing. Jitka Váchová
tel: +420 386 803 208



(hradkovaj at c-budejovice dot cz)

Section of European Union funds

Ing. Petr Käfer
tel: +420 386 803 209

Section of public procurement

Jiřina Leštinová
tel: +420 386 803 215


The scope of department activity

I. Strategic development section:

  1. Provides an information service – the collection and processing of statistical data (information on the economic basis of the city and partial significant information regarding the city, municipal institutions and citizens);
  2. Establishes contacts with investors, and arranges their contacts with the municipal government bodies and other institutions within the city boundary;
  3. Implements the strategic plan of the city and secondary development strategies; it coordinates implementation of individual projects from the strategic plan;
  4. Is in charge of the marketing of development locations.
  5. Cooperates in the preparation of city presentations and at the same time participates in such presentations on behalf of the statutory city;
  6. Prepares specific proposals for investors in cooperation with other departments of the Municipal Authority;
  7. Is in charge of the marketing of investment projects and the support of small and medium-size businesses with the aim of increasing the competitive strength of the city.
  8. Commissions, supervises and participates in preparation of designs and studies connected with the development of the city and the implementation of the investment intentions of the city of České Budějovice – prepares data and analyses for qualified decisions of the city government.
  9. Implements the Programme for Revitalisation of Rural Areas;
  10. Provides an information service to municipalities in its administrative district as part of the Programme for Revitalisation of Rural Areas;
  11.  Accepts applications within the Programme for Revitalisation of Rural Areas, verifies their completeness and compliance with the programme, and enters the applications into the system;
  12. Checks the necessary information regarding approved subsidies, the accurateness of issued limiting certificates which it presents to municipalities (receivers of subsidies);
  13. It checks the allocation of subsidies.

II. Section of European Union Funds:

  1. Supports obtaining of subsidies by means of an external communication policy focused on the streamlining of information flows towards the key persons involved.
  2. Prepares, processes and maintains all agenda connected with E. U. programmes, including the submission of projects and applications – it becomes a so-called guarantor of E. U. projects;
  3. Looks for various national and regional sources of project financing connected with the activity of departments in the Municipal Authority; informs other departments about sources of financing and about deadlines related to them; gathers applications completed by these departments including all supplements; dispatches these applications and their addenda and registers a copy of these.
  4. Is in charge of general processing of the basic data for the decisions of the Municipal Council regarding participation of the city in subsidy programmes;
  5. Continuously updates information (possible sources of subsidies, deadlines and conditions).
  6. Cooperates with all departments and employees of the Municipal Authority, institutions, individuals, legal entities and citizens who participate in specific grant projects.
  7. Monitors programmes for the intermediation of an influx of direct foreign investments, subsidies, grants and privileged loans which increase the preparedness of the city for new investments.
  8. Continuously monitors changes in regulations related to state subsidies, investment and non-investment subsidies.
  9. Processes and evaluates statistical information regarding the participation and degree of success of the town in subsidy programmes.