Department of Internal Affairs

Structure of the Department


Head of Department

Jan Michl

tel: +420 386 801 801


The Office of the Secretary of the Head of Department

Dagmar Topičová

tel: +420 386 801 802


Sphere of Activity of the Department

The Department of Internal Affairs is an organisational unit in charge of the material and technical operation of the Municipal Authority, i.e. the buildings, their fittings, material and technical supplies, canteen catering, the operation of telecommunication devices, the archives, operation of the information centre of the Municipal Authority and other specific tasks connected with the operation of the Municipal Authority of the City of České Budějovice.

Spheres of Activity of the individual sections

Economics Section

1.  comprehensive operative registration of the movable property of the Municipal Authority

2.  proposals concerning the retirement of assets and, in case of need, of the hire of movable assets

4.  purchasing of movable assets and stationery supplies

5.  provision and registration of operation of road transport

6.  provision of canteen catering

7.  preparation of competitive tendering procedures

8.  provision of copying services for the Municipal Authority

9.  operation of the filing office

10.provision of unbiased participation in the execution of court and execution decisions

11. provision of cleaning services for the Municipal Authority

12.  archiving and shredding of documents

13.  updating of telephone directories and telephone exchange database

14.  paperwork of the ‘Commission for the reform of public administration’ of the City Board

Section of the Town Hall Administration

1.  ensuring the smooth technical and organisational operation of the group of buildings used by the Municipal Authority

2.  ensuring passenger travel, supervision of work-related journeys

3.  all issues related to lost and found items

4.  maintenance, repairs and improvement of real estate

5.  provision, reproduction and modernisation of the core resources used by the Municipal Authority

6.  cooperation in organising exhibitions in the exhibition hall of the historical Town Hall

7.  organisation of hire of the courtyard, wedding hall, exhibition hall and conference room

8.  provision of cultural and social events in the historical Town Hall

9.  provision of cleaning services in the group of buildings of the Municipal Authority.

10.  outsourcing of essential services

11.  preparation of invitations for public tendering procedures

12. maintenance of the technical state of the ‘Nová Pec’ recreational facility

13. is in charge of the provision of the rules according to Act no. 133/1985 Coll., ‘Regulating fire prevention’, especially 29 and 30

14. within the conditions of the Municipal Authority, it ensures the application of the rules of fire prevention, fire safety and labour health and safety, and processes the necessary documentation.

Centre for the protection of animals

(a part of the section of Town Hall Administration)

1. Programme of animal protection

The programme of protection of animals is implemented by Municipal Authority employees, the veterinary administration bodies, interest groups or state administration bodies within the urban area

2.   Care for wild animals

This activity is focused on care for animals, above all in winter when they suffer from a lack of food. It focuses on the care of swans on both rivers (the Malše and Vltava) within the scope of the City’s structural plan . This protection also applies in full for other animals living in the city.

3.  The programme of protection of and care for stray and abandoned dogs

This programme of the City of České Budějovice is implemented by the ‘Na Zlaté stoce 3’ animal shelter which is operated by a veterinary surgery with its office at the same address. Further activities in the field of animal care include removal of cadavers, dissection when necessary, or putting animals to death, but also the treatment of animals and their handing-over to owners.

4.  Another central part of the programme is canistherapy for handicapped people, particularly for children assisted by a worker of the Centre for the protection of animals of the City of České Budějovice.

Section of the Information Centre

1.  information concerning all departments of the municipal authority in the separate and delegated power of the public administration

2.  provision of information about the Municipal Authority concerning organisations established by the City

3.  distribution of common and blank forms(current situation consultancy)

4.  creation of information readouts

5.  acting as a filing place for the public

6.  acceptance, registration and evaluation of submitted complaints, notification in case of civic petitions

7.  sale of duty stamps

8.  provision of information by e-mail and over the telephone

9.  operation of an information kiosk about the city and the municipal authority

10. copying services for the Municipal Authority, and for citizens (at a charge) if they need copies required by the Municipal Authority

Important information about the department

Lost and found items

Dagmar Topičová

tel: +420 386 801 802


Centre for animal protection

Ing. Vojtěch Frána

Na Zlaté stoce 3

tel: +420 385 310 584


South Bohemian University - Ing. Jana Karlíčková

tel: +420 721 351 227