Department of Local Planning

Where to find us

Department of Local Planning

Historical Town Hall

Přemysl Otakar II. Square 1/1

370 92 České Budějovice

Structure of the department

Head of Department

Ing. Luboš Lacina

tel: +420 386 803 001


Office of the department’s secretariat

Milena Navrátilová

tel: +420 386 803 002


Section of local planning

Bc. Jana Sládková

Section of the planning analytical materials

Ing. Michaela Urbanová

Scope of activity of the department

The Department of land-use planning carried out the execution of state management for the division

of land-use planning of České Budějovice and the relevant municipalities in its extended

activity on the basis of their demands, and also provides the preparation of groundwork for

independently carried-out  work in land-use planning, in the cases when the approval

authority is entirely restricted to the municipal council.

The basic function of the Department of land-use planning and architecture is the preparation, management,

upkeep and archiving of land-use planning documentation and land-use planning groundwork details

and also activities linked with the sphere of transport engineering in the field of self-government.  

Scope of activity of the section

Section of land-use planning

1.  is an authority of the land-use planning

2.  is obliged to collect land-use planning documentation a land-use planning

groundwork data according to the needs of the development of the urban area

-  of one’s own accord

-  under the instruction of a superior authority.

-  on proposal of the town municipal council

3.  is a co-functioning authority of the state management for decisions in the following matters- land-planning and  

building proceedings, notifications to the Building Office regarding the use of a building

4. On the basis of approval of the land-use planning documentation there are binding regulations stipulated

for the construction

5. provides expertise for municipal authorities, for legal entities and for individuals

6. co-operates in the creation of land-use planning groundwork data and land-use planning

documentation of the

7. it can prepare land-use planning documentation for municipalities in the municipal council on demand, according to paragraph 14 of the Construction Law

8. is responsible for the programme for the regeneration of the neighbourhoods of pre-fabricated flats

Activities of the transport engineering (section)

1. provides the preparation of the transport policy of the city

2. is a co-functioning authority of the state management for decisions regarding cases of transport-related construction.

3. provides a regular analysis of the transport situation in the town and organises transport counts

4. provides the preparation of transport studies to improve the transport situation in the


5. provides expertise for municipal authorities, for municipalities, for legal entities

and for individuals

6. provides the expertise for activities connected with Law 258/2000 regarding the protection

public health in the field of transport