Development Projects

Development area Čtyři Dvory

The first project of the town of České Budějovice is the preparation of a very lucrative area for investors.

The development area of Čtyři Dvory is situated in the north-west of the town of České Budějovice, and is a part of town section No. 2 – Čtyři Dvory. The territory of an area of 50 hectares (approx. 123.5 acres) makes up a wedge between the housing estates Vltava and Máj and represents a prospective development area.

In the past, this locality was used for the needs of army, which established a vast barracks complex and a military training ground. After 1990 the military gradually left and the area started to deteriorate. At present, the prevailing majority of the area and buildings are owned by the statutory town of České Budějovice, to which they were transferred free of charge in the year 2000. Up to now, the area is partly covered with buildings of the former barracks, most of which are in a bad technical condition. Further, there are areas that are not built-up and do not serve any purpose any more nowadays.

The present state of the locality is disadvantageous from the point of economic as well as strategic view, as the area disposes of a considerable development potential, which thus remains completely without use. The unused potential is represented by the lack of facilities in the neighbouring housing estates, which offers an opportunity for development in the field of commercial activities in this locality. Both housing estates would get functionally linked, and by building a planned linking road, they would be linked by transportation as well.

Another assumption to give rise to a new sub-centre of the town is, apart from the location between the two large housing estates is also a direct accessibility from the town centre – the existing municipal transportation network and technical infrastructure are available in the area. The fact that the area is situated near the open countryside on the outskirts of the town and a within easy reach of walkers, provide the future inhabitants with a quality environment and place for recreation. It is especially the countryside around ponds of Vrbné and the area “U Hvízdala” that are currently used by visitors from the neighbouring residential areas for recreation, owing to the fact that there is no other way of spending leisure time available in the surroundings.

The function of the area is determined by the approved ÚPnM České Budějovice, which describes this locality as a mixed area of an outskirts character with block buildings, enabling collective housing, shopping facilities, administration, boarding and accommodation services, education, sports and recreation, which may also be used for production activities of small to medium extent up to 10 000 m2. These activities are situated along the streets Husova and E. Rošického.

The widening wedge is between the areas described above is intended especially as public green for recreation, parks of forest character and, in the north of the area, countryside vegetation. Further on, the locality is completed with areas for sports facilities and sports and recreation, and the construction of public parking areas is accentuated.

A condition necessary for the development of the locality is a planned network of inner roads and cyclist paths, and especially a road linking both the housing estates thus contributing to a better accessibility and providing services all over the area including the adjacent housing estates.

The estimate of the overall investment that would contribute to the conceptual use of the development locality makes up 637 million Kč (about 21 million EURO). The particular items are described below:


Reconstruction of buildings Nos. 2, 3    Kč 170 212 000 (EUR 5 674 000) 
Demolition of other buildings   Kč 103 430 055 (EUR 3 448 000) 
Linking road   Kč 101 907 200 (EUR 3 397 000) 
Inner roads   Kč  56 869 500 (EUR 1 896 000) 
Buried services   Kč 145 069 600 (EUR 4 669 000) 
Project and preparation work   Kč  25 986 976 (EUR  866 000)
Purchase of the plots   Kč  29 623 938 (EUR  987 000) 
Ecological waste disposal   Kč  3 528 000 (EUR  118 000)


The Vltava River navigable

The second project bears the name “navigation on the Vltava River”. It aims at making use of the still hidden potential that is represented by the very location of the town of České Budějovice lying on the confluence of the Vltava and Malše Rivers. The longest river of the Czech Republic is a historical waterway, frequently used for both goods and passenger transport in the past. This traditional way of transport was interrupted by building water works on the river fifty years ago. The town of České Budějovice also changed its appearance and the river stopped playing its role in the life of the town in the extent like before. A state-prepared project offers an enormous opportunity to re-discover the Vltava River by the town of České Budějovice, and it will, after years, make navigation possible along the Vltava River from Prague as far as the town of České Budějovice.

The intention of the town of České Budějovice is to make a link to the state project and prolong the navigability of the river as far as the town centre to the walls of the town. The re-discovery of the river by the town of České Budějovice would not only make the town and its surroundings more attractive for home and foreign visitors but it would also make the life in the town its inhabitants more varied.

At present, boat travel for recreational and sports purposes is a very popular pastime for all groups of home and foreign visitors. The development of boat travel for recreational and sports purposes may be an important incentive for the development of a whole tourist branch in the town and its surroundings. The connection with the offer of other attractions and services provided by the town already nowadays – for instance visiting historical and cultural sights, the beautiful countryside, a dense network of cyclist and foot paths at visitors’ disposal, plus the development of new services linked to water transport, means a high growth of attractiveness of the town for both Czech and foreign tourists.

For the town of České Budějovice the realisation of this project would mean, apart from an indisputable economic benefit, a large number of positives especially in creating new job opportunities, providing an impulse for entrepreneurial activities, making the town and its surroundings more attractive, prolonging tourists’ stays in the town and giving the town an enhanced exposure in Europe.

The realisation of the project would mean a vast investment for the town – e.g. into building a goods port, sports harbour, three passenger harbours and a boat hire service in the town; into the bargain it is necessary to invest into a further adaptation of the water-course. A total estimate of investment necessary for the realisation of this project is not known

Linking road behind the railway station

Every dynamically developing town will mostly meet with certain problems concerning the transportation infrastructure system, which often fails to react flexibly enough to meet the fast growing demands placed on this system. This situation results from the high demands of time and especially investment necessary for the preparation and realisation of such infrastructure projects, whose full financing is often beyond the possibilities of the budget of the particular town.

In order to finance projects like this, towns are forced to look for sources other than their own. These problems did not avoid our town of České Budějovice either, as some heavily used roads are overloaded.

A considerable help to resolve this complicated situation resulting from the growing transportation in České Budějovice would be the realisation of the construction project called “the linking road behind the railway station”. The construction of this road is to be understood as strategically important and urgent, which, according to the territorial plan, makes it an investment plan of top priority.

The location of this road was carefully considered and is approved of in the valid territorial plan of the town. The construction proposed is a part of the link between the road from Jindřichův Hradec (and prospectively from Prague, too) and the town by-road in the direction toward Linz, Austria. The completion of the town by-road will contribute to making the connection with our foreign neighbours easier and faster, while laying emphasis on the strategic position of the town.

As the transportation solution conceives, the road behind the railway station is of key importance not only for the development of the town in its entirety but for improving the transportation services of its particular parts, e.g. the important municipal industrial zone as well as the whole area of Husova kolonie. Further, it will provide a new, much needed quality link between the eastern part of the town and its centre. Besides these welcome contributions, the construction will bring about other progressive changes, e.g. it will detour transportation from the present critical transportation centres, make the movement of pedestrians and cyclists about the town easier, improve the environment of the town centre and reduce the impact of automobile traffic on the surrounding area. The new road will play an important role in relieving the excess traffic in front of the railway station and on the intersection of the streets Nádražní and Rudolfovská at the viaduct, where traffic congestions occur in the rush hours. The final effect will be making the life of the citizens of the town more pleasant.

The road is planned in several parts:

The first part is divided into two stages:

  • the first is the construction of a stretch linking the streets Pekárenská and Rudolfovská. The costs estimated for this construction stage amount to 136,946,000.- Kč (4,568,000.- EURO).
  • The second stage consists in linking circles with Pekárenská Street. The costs estimated for this construction stage amount to 60,234,000.- Kč (2,009,000.- EURO).

The second part of the construction of the road behind the railway station consists in building a stretch between the streets Rudolfovská and Plynárenská with the costs amounting to 150,000,000.- Kč (5,000,000.- EURO).

The last stage is a construction of a subway under the trackage of the Czech Railways, with the costs amounting to 950,000,000.- Kč (31,700,000.- EURO).

The total costs of the “linking road behind the railway station” were estimated at 1,400,000.- thousand Kč (46.7 million EURO).