Environmental Department

Where to find us

Environmental Department
Přemysl Otakar II. Square 1/1  (entrance no. 3, 3. floor)
370 92 České Budějovice

Department Structure

Head of department:

Ing. Svatopluk Mika

tel.: +420 386 801 101

e-mail: mikas@c-budejovice.cz

Secretariat of department

Marcela Fučíková

tel.: +420 386 801 102
e-mail: fucikovam@c-budejovice.cz

 Environment Department

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Work of the department:

1)  Exercise of state administration in transferred authority to the nature and countryside protection section, land ecological stability systems, announcement and registration of major countryside features, notices and important trees, permission to intervene in protected parts of the countryside, permission to cut trees growing freely outside a forest including imposition of the obligation of replacement planting, administration of nature trails and protected parts of the territory.

2)Exercise of state administration in the section of fishing, forests, gamekeeping, agricultural land

3)  Exercise of state administration in the section of air protection against pollutants, inspection of air pollution sources and enforcement of the relevant sanctions, inspection activity in the air protection section, air pollution charges

4)  Exercise of state administration in the waste management section in its administration district, waste record management and processing, issue of approval for handling dangerous waste, inspection of observance of conditions laid down by the law to legal entities and natural persons authorised to do business

5)  Exercise of state administration in the water management section (authority of the special building office), in the section of water handling

6)  Safeguarding the exercise of state administration in the veterinary and  herbal medical care,

7)  Records, issue and cancellation of certificates of agricultural entrepreneurs under the Agriculture Act as amended

8)  Safeguarding the exercise of state administration as an affected body during administrative proceedings, discussion of misdemeanours and administrative offences, and handling sanctions to the extent of its authority under the Misdemeanour Act

9)  Settling complaints on the breach of environmental laws

10)  Assessment of buildings from the environmental point of view (plans, project

documentation) – processing the opinions of all sections of the department for assessment of the effects of buildings on the environment

11)  Economy of the department

12) Safeguarding ecological education