Financial Department

Where to find us

Finance Department

The building of the historical Town Hall

Přemysl Otakar II. Square 1/1

370 92 České Budějovice

Department Structure

Head of the Finance Department

Ing. Bohuslav Bečvář

tel.:+420 386 801 201


Secretariat of the Head of Department

Martina Zahradníková

tel.: +420 386 801 202


Scope of activity of the Department

The Finance Department secures loans from the Housing Development Fund in the urban area of České Budějovice, the assessing of financial resources, files fines of the Municipal Police not paid on the spot and subsequently recovers them. The Finance Department also participates in the processing of tax returns for income tax.

Scope of activity of the Section

Budget Section

  • participates in negotiation and the drawing up of the budget with the individual departments of the Municipal Council and with city organisations
  • if demanded by the other City departments and organisations, submits to the City Board for discussion proposals of budgetary measures
  • takes notice of the utilisation of municipal resources according to the approved budget
  • half-yearly processes analyses of the economy of the city
  • puts together a closing account for the City and submits it to the municipal council for approval
  • makes repayments for standing loans according to the repayment dates

Accounting Section

  • keeps accounts for all bank account transactions of the City and carries out accounting filing for property.
  • summarises the accounting of the Municipal Council and the City organisations
  • recovers active debts for all the departments of the Municipal Council  
  • carries out all settlements of incoming invoices
  • secures the archiving of all original accounting documents

Fees Section

  • secures the comprehensive management of local and administrative fees, i.e. complete establishment of rate-payers, assessment of rate-payers and, if necessary, recovery.
  • Administrative fees: from tombolas
  • for the issuing of decision regarding permission to operate gaming/fruit machines
  • Local fees: from dogs
  • for spa and recreational stays and accommodation.
  • from entrance-fees
  • for the use of public areas
  • for the operation of a gaming machine
  • for the operation of the system of collection, gathering, transport, sorting, use and removal of communal refuse
  • secures the operation of the main cash-desk of the Municipal Council