Registry Office

Where to find us

Registry Office

Historical Town Hall

Přemysl Otakar II. Square 1/1

370 92 České Budějovice

Department structure

Head of department

Eva Čečáková

tel: +420 386 802 116


Head of register section

Andrea Kašparová

tel: +420 386 802 117


Head of public and public ID card records, passport and driving licence section  

Jana Kusová

tel: +420 386 805 137


Department Activity

The registry office performs state administration in the section for birth, marriage and death registry; it issues duplicates of registry documents; authenticates documents; settles applications for an extract from the criminal register; makes changes to names and surnames; keeps records of the public including changes and cancellation of permanent residences; performs the paper work for public ID cards, passports and driving licences.