The Secretary's Office

Department Structure

Department Head

České Budějovice City Authority Secretary

Ing. Zdeněk Řeřábek

Department Secretariat

Jaroslava Kosová
Iveta Snopková

Personnel Section

Václav Pour 
tel: +420 386 802 011


Ing. Ivana Rejdová 
tel: +420 386 802 007


Jitka Bartošová 
tel: +420 386 802 012


Dana Tvarůžková 
tel: +420 386 802 006


Stanislava Robová 
tel: +420 386 802 004



Where to find us

Secretary’s office

in the historical Town Hall at Přemysl Otakar II. Square 1/1

370 92 České Budějovice

Department Head

Ing. Zdeněk Řeřábek, České Budějovice City Authority Secretary
tel: +420 386 802 001

Department Head’s Secretariat

Jaroslava Kosová
tel: +420 386 802 002

Iveta Snopková
tel: +420 386 802 003

Section Head

Personnel Section Deputy Head

Václav Pour
tel: +420 386 802 011

Department Activity

The secretary’s office department ensures:

1. conceptual work in the city authority’s structure
2. coordination of the activity of the city authority’s departments
3. elaboration of the tasks arising from the resolutions of the city council’s and local authority on partial and specific tasks for individual departments of the city authority
4. uniform records and drawing up of internal regulations of the city authority (guidelines, instructions, memorandums)
5. drawing up analytical and conceptual materials exceeding the framework of individual departments
6. management and control of activity of city authority employees through department heads
7. city authority’s personnel administration
8. city authority’s salary administration

Section Activity

The secretary’s secretariat ensures:

1. paperwork involving the post of the city authority’s secretary
2. conceptually contributes to the city authority secretary’s work schedule

The secretary’s office lawyer ensures:

1. the complex legal activities for exercising state administration in the transferred competence and self-government according to Act No. 500/2004 Coll., the Administration Code
2. the observance of legislation and norms applying to the exercise of state administration and self-government
3. responsibility for the update and contributes to the creation the collection of internal regulations
4. the legal services for the secretary’s office

The personnel section ensures:

1. complex personnel administration of the city authority
2. monitors and produces statistics on the number of city authority employees and wages
3. draws up tenders in accordance with Act No. 312/2002 on self-government unit officials
4. keeping the archive – issues confirmation of the period of employment of former employees of the

City Authority of České Budějovice and other organisations: PK Jih, PK Sever, Technical services of the city of České Budějovice, Municipal cultural centres, STARZ, City building enterprise

The wage office ensures:

1. the complex salary administration
2. draws up overviews of pay places
3. draws up statistical files