Social Care

Department Activity

The social affairs department ensures:

  • Exercise of state administration with transferred authority and extended authority through the section of assistance for material need, section of benefits for disabled citizens, section of socio-legal protection of children 
  • Exercise of self-government in the social sphere of the city of České Budějovice through the social assistance section

Section Activity

Section of assistance for material need

Benefits in the system of assistance for material need:

  • Income support – a person is entitled to income support who is in material need if his income and the income of jointly assessed persons does not reach the amount of subsistence of the assessed persons
  • Housing benefit – the owner or tenant of a flat he uses is entitled to this benefit if after payment of justified housing costs his income or the income of jointly assessed persons is lower than the amount of subsistence of jointly assessed persons
  • Extraordinary immediate assistance – a person is entitled to this who although not considered a person in material need, but is threatened by lack of finances with serious risk to health,  - who has been affected by a serious contingency and cannot overcome this situation, with regard to the overall social and property circumstances, by his own efforts (e.g. natural disasters),  - who, in view of income, overall social and property circumstances, has insufficient funds to pay the essential single expenses (particularly payment of the administrative charge with loss of personal documents, issue of copies of birth certificates or documents required for being employed etc.),  - in view of income, overall social and property circumstances, has insufficient funds for payment of costs connected with the acquisition of essential basic items for long-term use and for basic household equipment and justified costs related to education or interest activity of a dependant child,  - who in the given time, with regard to the unsatisfactory social background and lack of funds cannot successfully resolve his situation and is threatened by social exclusion (e.g. after being released from prison or for serving a prison sentence, after treatment for addiction and release from a medical establishment, release from an education facility for institutional or protective upbringing or from foster care after reaching the legal age and homeless people)

Section of benefits for disabled citizens

  • provides contributions to disabled people as requested and according to valid legal norms within the authority of the authorised municipal office and municipal office with extended authority. 
  • this involves the following contributions: contributions for care – replaces the formerly paid out increase in infirmity pension and contribution for care of a relative or other person. This is paid out to a person who, due to his bad state of health is dependent on the assistance from another person in the sphere of ordinary daily care for one’s own person and for self-reliance. The contribution recipient is obliged to use it for payment of expenses connected with care for one’s own person regardless of whether the care is provided by the social services provider or a family member, or a combination of both. 
  • other contributions: contribution for acquiring special aids, single contribution for home alterations, contribution for purchase, total repair and special modification of a motor vehicle, contribution to the operation of a motor vehicle, contribution to individual transport, contribution to payment for a barrier-free flat and garage, contribution to food for a guide dog, extraordinary benefits for seriously disabled people (TP, ZTP, ZTP/P). 
  • the employees of this section also provide advice to disabled people for dealing with any official matters, they can provide contact to a nursing service (address, telephone number) and appoint a different pension recipient

The social assistance section

  • places children in crèches, people in nursing homes, barrier-free flats
  • ensures drug prevention, crime prevention and an advisory service
  • coordinates cooperation between non-profit organisations in the city of České Budějovice
  • ensures an interpreting service for the deaf
  • administers and runs pensioners clubs in the city
  • provides assistance to socially non-adjustable people and people after being released from prison

The section of socio-legal protection of children:

  • provides independent socio-legal and educational advice to children and parents when dealing with their family, personal and social situations
  • under Act No. 359/1999 Coll. on Socio-legal Protection of Children and the Family Act No. 94/1964 Coll. ensures and focuses on looking for orphaned children, children whose parents are not fulfilling their parental obligations, children entrusted to the care of a stranger, children living a shiftless life, who run away, use drugs, children against whom a crime was committed
  • provides advice and decides about measures for the protection of children
  • performs the role of a guardian for underage children, above all in cases of a clash of interests of legal representative of a child (divorces, inheritances...), risk of a child’s property interests, restriction of parental responsibilities, adoption proceedings
  • mediates in cases of adoption and foster care


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