Tourism in the town


The development of tourism in the city is based on the “Strategic Development Plan of České Budějovice”, which determines the direction and priorities of the sector until 2027. The tourism sector is included in the “Attractiveness of the City” sub-strategy.

The aim is to create an environment that will attract visitors through quality and co-ordinated services for tourists, who will stay in the city for a long period of time and use it as a gateway to other destinations in the region.

In 2016, the Statutory City of České Budějovice became one of the founding members of the Českobudějovicko Hlubocko z. s. destination management company, which manages the Budějovicko tourist area, based on the “Tourism Development Concept in the South Bohemian Region for 2015-2020”, where one of the operational objectives is to support tourist areas in the region.

Another important unifying element in the area is the regular meeting of tourism organisations, which is regularly organised twice a year, in spring and autumn (Travelcon, tourism conference held from 15 April to 16 April 2021 and Meeting of Tourism Organisations held on 24 November 2021).

For more information, visit the destination management company's website at where, inter alia, in the Média banka section you can find the annual reports of the association, marketing strategy for 2019-2022, etc.

Tourism is supported by the city's “Tourism Promotion Subsidy Programme” based on the assumption of the untapped potential of tourism as an economic sector.
Nowadays, same-day visitors predominate and the tourism sector is only gradually gaining importance within the city. Extending the length of stay of visitors to the city and the related growth of revenues of service providers in tourism is crucial to increasing economic development.

Furthermore, the statutory city operates the tourist portal, which aims to attract as many tourists to the city as possible and, at the same time, use its offer to get them to stay in the city for as long as possible. It brings visitors not just complete information about the history of the city, but also services and suggestions as to how to spend their free time in České Budějovice.

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The profile of visitors to the city from the tourism perspective

The Faculty of Economics of the University of South Bohemia created a profile of a visitor to the city of České Budějovice from the tourism perspective for the relevant year.

Annual profile of visitors to České Budějovice 2014

Annual profile of visitors to České Budějovice 2015

Annual profile of visitors to České Budějovice 2016

Annual profile of visitors to České Budějovice 2017

Annual profile of visitors to České Budějovice 2018

Annual profile of visitors to the Advent Market 2019