Information for foreigners

This page is dedicated to information for foreigners not only when handling of official matters at the City Hall of České Budějovice, but also a quick orientation in the city environment.


Electronic ordering at counters

Registration plates, changes in documents, imports, construction and conversion of vehicles.

Registration, termination of permanent residence, an extract from the population register.

Driving and ID cards, travel documents.

Advisory services for foreigners

Offers social and legal advice, accompaniment to the authorities, etc.

Free social and legal advice. Consultancy set up by the Diocesan charity of České Budějovice.

It is a basic information and contact point for Ukrainian citizens coming to our territory for the South Bohemian Region.

What will you do at the Municipality

Marriages, birth certificate, death certificate

Necessary information to issue a fishing licence.

Necessary information to issue a hunting ticket.

Municipal waste charge, dog fee, residence tax, administrative fees from the building authority etc.

Traffic offences, payment of fines, notification of public order offences etc.

City social services

The nursery is designed for children aged 6 months to 3 years. They offer babysitting or permanent placement of the child in daycare.

Offer of apartments and non-residential premises for rent owned by the city.

 Services for the elderly, sick citizens, families with children, people in crisis or homeless etc.

Health and social care

Hospitals, clinics, surgeries, pharmacies etc.

Overview of the organizations and services offering assistance to the elderly.

Emergency calls in the Czech Republic.

Transport in České Budějovice

Search for connections - trains and buses.

Overview of all public transport connections – buses and trolleybuses.

Public domestic flights and non-public international flights.

Parking price list, tariff zones, long term parking, short term parking, application „Sejf“

Shipping lines inside and outside of the city.


Overview of 21 nursery schools and kindergartens established by the city.

Overview of 16 primary schools established by the city.

List of the high schools.

List of universities.